Your Courses. Their Rules. Approved.


Want to know what you get when you throw highly experienced, internationally awarded learning professionals into the same office?

You get us, The Boost Institute. Founded right here in Texas, we are grounded in the principle that all learning should be accessible. As far as we are concerned, there is no such thing as "business-as-usual”... Our specialty is custom eLearning solutions for boards, associations, proprietary education providers, and corporations across multiple industries and disciplines that make learning fun, easy, and compliant. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory environment and work with you to build the best solution. Oh, and we do it on time and on budget. Whatever your project is, we are excited to hear about it. Bring it on.


All of our cues come from you. Then we order take out and put our heads together to make your learning an unforgettable experience.


We all have extensive experience working with various organizations to make sure their training is compliant with the latest rules and regulations.


Rules change, regulations get updated... That is the story of your life! We work with you to make sure all of your learning solutions are up to date.


We hate to brag, but it's true. We have been internationally awarded and recognized for our elearning and design. Imagine what we can do for you!

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